Friday, September 30, 2011

A Chair Named Molly

Meet Molly

Hi Molly :o)

Isn't Molly pretty?  She came from the ReStore.  I'm not sure how she got separated from her set, but I'm a little glad she did.  She was my last addition.  I was waiting for a chair with that beautiful curve on top and was SO excited when I walked in and spotted her!

Molly, like Lucy, started out glowing in the dark.

yikes!  Are you blind yet?!

But ended up looking like this...

I didn't do too much special to Molly, I will probably make her a cushion in the future.  But for now, I like her just as she is :) 

The curve at the top turned out beautiful once it was a little distressed.

All these brush marks give her so much character. I used to hate brush lines and I did everything I could to avoid them.  I still do in some cases, but when I want something to have character and look like it's got a life behind it.... brush lines are the ticket :o)

See my blurry pugger in the back?  I haven't introduced you to my pups yet.  I have two of 'em :o)

Where did the name Molly come from you ask?  Well I'm so glad you did!  Molly is my grandmother who is in town visiting.  She was over last night and absolutely fell in love with this chair. I already named a daughter after her, and now I will name a chair after her :o)  She deserves 2 things.

In a way, this chair is a lot like her as well.  It's beautiful, strong, and special, which are 3 of the things I have always admired my grandmother for.  She has been through so many things in her life that I can't imagine surviving through.  I respect her so much for remaining so strong when she had to.  This is by far the strongest chair in my new set (which I have almost finished introducing you to!).  I have some pretty amazing women ahead of me to look up to!  I found out yesterday that my grandmother and my great grandmother were really into refinishing furniture... it's funny what you find out about yourself when you take the time to listen.

Tomorrow is the final day of chair week, I will be introducing you to Mr. Chair.  Then this weird story-telling-introducing-you-to-inanimate-objects-with-names fiasco will be over.  

I'm excited to be starting my fall decorating this year and here is a sneak peak of my first project

Happy Fall!

Here are the introductions to my other chairs in case you missed them...

Check out the whole dining room set here!


  1. Your chairs turned out beautiful! I loved how you named each one! :0)

  2. Hi, Katie

    I am so happy for you! Love your chair. I sent you an email and I am just waiting for your code so you can down load the software.


  3. I love that you name your chairs :) They are all beautiful! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow back when you have a chance.

  4. I love those acorns. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I have a whole front yard full of them just waiting to be harvested. lol

  5. Love the acorns, can't wait to see how you did that! Thanks for stopping by my little home on the net, glad you will be following along with my 31 days!


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