Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister Chairs

Let me paint a story of what happens EVERY TIME we sit down to eat a meal.  Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snack.

I tell the girls that the food is ready and Boog (3) and Bear (2) come running.  Bear always runs directly to Boog's chair and climbs up looking all ready to eat.  Boog always looks at Bear and says, "No, your spot is over there!"  Bear climbs down and then goes to her chair and sits.  As soon as I set the food on the table, Bear is all over the place- moving, standing, turning. That's when I always say, "Your bottom goes here."

Now onto the chairs...
Sister Number 1

Sister Number 2 is the one between sister number 1 and Lucy... not sure where the before picture is :)

Sister Number 1 I got from a yard sale, she is absolutely perfect.  Now I'm usually a painter, I think it can make things that much more beautiful.  But for some reason, I just couldn't lay a brush to this chair.  Her color is amazing and the wear and tear on her couldn't be matched, so she didn't get painted.  You can tell she has a story, I just don't know it :)

Her hand-carved rose.

Sister Number 2 was the only chair left from our dining set that wasn't chippy and falling apart, so I chose to keep her a part of the new set.  Here is how she turned out...

Aren't they cute together?

And now for the whole point of the story above....

Boog's Chair

Bear's Chair

I will still probably hear the same conversation at every meal, but at least these make me laugh :)

Check out the completed dining room set here!

Partying Here!

Sew Woodsy


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