Monday, October 3, 2011

Dining Set Reveal

I believe you have met these lovelies.

If not, let me introduce you.  From Left to right we have: Bear, Ellen, Molly, Mr. Chair, Boog, and Lucy.

5 of the 6 chairs feature a different image from The Graphics Fairy.  They each turned out so unique!  If you haven't, check 'em out!

And now, without further adieu (I guess since I didn't get a red squiggly line under that, I actually spelled it right!) The table that brings them all together.

I decided to go with a harlequin pattern on the top with a black border.  

I started by painting the table top white and used a long sewing ruler to create the lines for the pattern. I painted the design in a light gray and then painted over the lines with a dark gray.  If you want to know more information about how I did it, email me and I'll try to work you through it :o)


I distressed the top and edges heavily with a rotary sander and then glazed it in black.

I love how the sander brought out the imperfections of the table.  Priceless if you ask me :o)

And what's the best part of having a finished dining room table?  Getting to decorate it for fall!!

Please note that this is the dining room table reveal, not a dining room reveal :o)  I still have lots to do in here, including some pretty rockin' ideas for that wall over there.

My first official fall project are those turquoise acorns!  More on that tomorrow... but I love the pop of color that they add.

The centerpiece is a carvable fake artificial pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.  I put a foam block inside and stuffed a bunch of fall stems in there.  Seriously easy.  I had no rhyme or reason to my madness, but I think it turned out pretty awesome :o)


The mason jar luminary is a project I'll be showing you soon as well.  Still tinkering with them!

I chose to leave the base of the table cherry so it would match the rest of the dining room suit (not all of it is in the room yet).  I also wanted the two chairs that I didn't paint to still fit in.

And while all of those pretty, posed pictures are great and all.  I wanted to show you how we got to break our new table in.  I hosted my grandmother's 85th birthday party this weekend!

Tears of Joy

My 2 older sisters

Is there any better way to start making memories in our new dining room?!  I mean seriously!?!

Happy Fall!

Partying Here:

UndertheTableandDreamingPink Hippo Party


  1. they turned out great! I love it!!

  2. mmmmmm!!! loving that table top!!

  3. Wow, what a labor of love. Those chairs are fabulous and you did such a great job on the table. Best of all, you got to celbrate and try it out with you grandmother. Thanks so much for sharing this project.

  4. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for linking up this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  5. How creative you are! Your table and chairs are awesome. I am linking to you from the creative blogger's party. I hope you will follow back! Blessings to you!

  6. very pretty - love the fall centerpiece!

  7. Love the way the dining set turned out and really like the idea of each chair being different& having a name. Beautiful decorations & lovely grandmother. Thanks for sharing and for following my blog.

  8. Your table top turned out amazing! Love your fall decor too! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your Grandmother!

  9. Everything looks wonderful and love your centerpiece! Looks like a wonderful gathering with your family! I host a decorating link party at my blog on the weekends if you would like to come share sometime :)


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