Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mr. Chair

This is the last chair of chair week, but it is a fun one :o)

Mr. Chair is the only armed chair of our new set.  And while Mr. Chair seems to be a painfully boring name, it works well considering he's the only male in the bunch.

You see, Hubby-the-Great is a B-I-G football fan.  I mean big.  We are Atlanta Falcons.  When putting together "daddy's chair" I really wanted to do something that he would love and that meant a lot to him.      So we ended up with Mr. Chair.  

I didn't want to paint him, because it would mean feminizing him... and who would want to be feminized when you are in a family of all women?  Ask Hubby the Great, he would know :o)

He's reaching out to kiss your hand.  What a gentlemen ;o)

 I used a freezer paper transfer here and it actually came out looking red in some parts which works out well!  But I have no idea why it did it...

So that's Mr. Chair.  He's a playa... no, not really, but he does live with a lot of women :o)

And soon you will see them all together.  Lucy, the Sisters, Ellen, Molly, and of course Mr. Chair.  They will be making their debut as a set with my A-MAZ-ING new dining room table.

Then onto some fall decorating!!!  Here's a little snippet of my mantel :o)  It's really sad how little patience I have when showing you things...

I hope you all have a relaxing and wonderful Sunday!


Stop by to see the completed set here

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