Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When I Get Stressed I Paint...

Yes, as the title says, when I get stressed I paint.

If you missed my bedroom inspirations post, check it out.  The uneven stripe on the wall will eventually be covered by beautiful board and batten :o)

The lamp you can find here.

My future gallery wall (as in- I'm putting it together later today.)  Pardon that bathroom! I should've shut the door :o)

My bathroom is all one color now after a month of this.

So you get that I'm stressed.  

Big. Changes. Around. Here.

We decided that the pizza business isn't what's best for our family anymore.  Hubby the Great has decided to step out of the security of his job to make a better life for our family.  I respect his decision and am proud of him for being willing to move away from what he knows for the sake of us.

He has had 3 interviews with the same place and should find out in the next 48 hours if he got the job.  God is in control, always has been and always will be. 

Please pray for me in this move from security to insecurity, from the known to the unknown.  Please excuse a few possible slow weeks in the project realm of this blog because our financial situation is a little bleak at the moment.  

Thank you for reading this blog as it truly is an outlet for me right now, and you are helping me (and therefore my family) by offering support and encouragement in a big way! I love you all!

Off to paint some more!!



  1. Painting relaxes me too! I LOVE the color in your bedroom and bathroom. Good luck to your family with the changes you're experiencing. Been there, done that, lol.

  2. I'll be praying for you guys! Its' nevah easy when it comes to those kinda changes... When I get stressed, I EAT... think I'll switch to painting... Oh, wait, I do that too...

  3. Katie, I will keep you in my prayers. Left you a message on your inspiration post. You are coming right along! I love the color! It's going to be so great!! Hugs and smiles! :D

  4. I thought that I was the only person who did this! So glad that I am not alone - Love how painting can completely calm my scattered mind. Great color.
    I hope that all in your life works out for best for your family.

  5. You are an excellent painter! I am on my way over to your furniture post. Don't worry about a thing...somehow, it always works out. I will think happy thoughts your way!


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