Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scrabble Tile Wreath

When I was cleaning out a piece of furniture that was given to me the other day... I came across some scrabble tiles.  I knew I didn't have a complete game so I wanted to come up with something new and fun to do with them.  This is what happened!

This was one of those projects that progressed over time.  It started out a much smaller scale and progressed from there.  I couldn't be happier with the result!!

Wanna know what I did?  Here ya go!

Step 1-  Collect A LOT of scrabble tiles.  I found all of the dark ones in the furniture (my lucky day) but the rest came from a big bowl at an antique store down the road.  It's about 2 games worth so you could also check out thrift stores and garage sales!

FYI: The lady at the Antique store said they are starting to make all Scrabble tiles out of plastic (sniff, sniff) so if you see some wood ones, make sure you snatch them up!

Boog took to these things quick (Please ignore the project in progress in the background!)

Step 2- Get together the following supplies
      Straw Wreath
      Scrabble Tiles
      1 yard burlap
      Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
      Scrap 1x4 (I used a piece from an old shipping pallet)
      Mitre box (or a saw of some sort)
      sanding block
      black acrylic craft paint
      1 package golf tees
      Felt Sheets (one per flower)
Not everything is pictured.

Step 3- I started by creating my oversize scrabble tiles- I cut my scrap wood into squares and then sanded them down.  I tried to smooth out the edges and corners as much as I could so they looked more like scrabble tiles.

Step 4-  I used the following picture to sketch out my letters and paint.

I am suddenly bursting with ideas for these free little things!

Step 5- I hot glued 2 golf tees to the back of each letter so I could stick them into my straw wreath... these things are as good as nails in there.

Step 6-  Now to the wreath!  I cut my burlap into strips and wrapped them around the wreath securing them with hot glue.

Step 7- Once that was done I was able to stick in my oversized tiles and begin hot glueing tiles randomly around the wreath. (I got through with only one severely burned finger!! I think it's a record!)

Step 8-  When it looked full, I started glueing golf tees to the backs of them and stuck them in to fill in holes.

Step 9-  This felt a lot like decorating a christmas tree to me... I just kept filling in the holes until I ran out.  You can have fun and make words, names, whatever!

Step 10-  It could be done and be absolutely adorable, but I wanted to add a few white felt flowers... just because I can :)  Color a spiral on a sheet of felt and cut it out.

Step 11- Roll into a rosette and hot glue onto your wreath.

   Step 12-  Hang and Enjoy!!

Time to get your scrabble on!

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  1. This is adorable! And fun!
    I love different, and this is different!
    We have several scrabble tile sayings around our, WELCOME on the foyer dresser, and MARMEE next to my computer, and DAD next to my hubby's PC.
    Plastic Scrabble tiles? What in the world? ;)
    So nice to meet you---found you at The Nester's wreath party!
    HUGS and blessings to you as you make your home today!

  2. That is so fun! I love it! Just dropping by from the nesters wreath party.

  3. I love this wreath!! So much fun and so not your typical wreath! Thank you for sharing your wonderful tutorial!

  4. Hi! I commented last night but not sure if you got it so I apologize for the duplication. I featured your Scrabble wreath over at Scribbles and Swirls. Would love for you to see it and follow along on my new adventure.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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