Friday, September 2, 2011

The Big Number One

The first post.... it's a little intimidating.

No one is reading it, yet it will always be "The Big Number One."

It's the one at the very bottom of the archive list that will rarely be seen, yet it is the whole reason I haven't started a blog for a long time. What in the world am I supposed to say to introduce myself to the ever so popular blog-land? What could I ever say that would make anyone interested in reading my nothingness (which is really what I'm best at)? I've been thinking about it and here is what I have come up with in the last 2 months (or 2 years, whatever?!?)

I've come to the conclusion that I am good enough at a lot of things. I'm good enough at photography.

I'm good enough at sewing.

I'm good enough at crafting.

I'm good enough at cooking (ok this is a stretch). It's actually just a list of things that Hubby the Great was making for Super Bowl Sunday. My picture would have been of cheese toast :)

I'm good enough at making cakes.

I'm good enough at decorating. I'm good enough at writing (I'm hoping anyway). I can paint a wall.

But I am EXCELLENT at nothing.

What do I want to blog about? I want to blog about all the things I enjoy... all of the things that I do so I don't go crazy staying at home all day. And all of the things that I have fallen in love with even if I'm not awesome at it.

Sounds like a precious little blog, right. THE CATCH?!? We just bought our first house, we have two kids 16 months apart, and bills out the wazoo. My kids are high maintenance and strong-willed. I can't afford to spend too much time or too much money on my creative ventures! Fortunately, I can find a deal and my kids go to bed pretty early :-)

I'm learning and growing and maybe one day I'll find a niche that I fit into. Until then, Creative Outlets is my story to tell.

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  1. You're more than just Good Enough to us!!! LOVE YOU!!! and Love all of the posts and can't wait for more!


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