Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shipping Pallet Art

I have been looking for something interesting to put on my wall in my living room. Something unusual and different that will catch your eye.  After a failed project the other day, I tried to gain some inspiration back by using the parts to create something else.  That's when I came up with this.

Bizarre, yes.  Fun, also yes!  

...I will now pause the program to bring you an important announcement...In the picture above you will also spot 2 future projects, both on my hit list in the next few weeks.  Can you spot them?  Of course you can.  The dull-as-ever lampshade and a sheet slipcover for my chair that has had quite the life.  I have some really fun ideas!  I will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

While this pallet may not stay on the wall for long (it had better plans), this is it's home for now.  And I really love it!  But I guess I'm weird like that :o)  You may see these these things pop up again!

All it took was painting the pallet (with the little paint I had leftover from the rug) and glazing it black.  I handpainted the 1-2-3 (and not well by the way) and then distressed it using Sandy, who I introduce you to in this post.

All-in-all I think it's pretty fun.  Even if Hubby the Great "doesn't get it."



P.S. Another failed-pallet-project-turned-art is found in Boog's room, pictured here.

This week could get interesting.  I'm attempting my dining room chairs and starting on the master bedroom (sharing my plans for that tomorrow!) It's gonna be an insane week...
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  1. I love how both of these turned out!

  2. cute! i can't wait to do something with a pallet!

  3. Very cute! I have a furniture store down the street that's always giving away pallets so I'm constantly on the look for pallet inspiration. Thanks!

    Dana @

  4. Katie! This is so fun, I love pallets! I featured it today. Come grab check it out and grab a button!

  5. Love this pallet! I'm your newest follower!

  6. Great idea! My hubby built me some outdoor benches out of pallets. They are rustic but functional.

  7. I love this! Great inspiration!! Your newest fan!

  8. Nice Work!


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