Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charlie Brown Treatment or Beautiful Chevron?

I went a little crazy yesterday.  I took a roller to a rug.

A little backstory... I love a good chevron pattern.  I know they are everywhere and I'm probably really late jumping on the bandwagon. But I really think, if used right, they are Be-A-Utiful!   

Like this nursery wall
Via House 36
 and these beautiful drapes
via MidWest Magnolia
And this fantastic rug

So I figured, why not try it for myself? I have had a berber rug sitting out on my back porch for awhile now.  I used it to cover up the ugly floor in our old house.  2 things about it...1- It's plain and ugly. 2- It's GINORMOUS (is that a word?) 

Since it is just getting ruined on the back porch, I pulled out a new gallon of paint, roller, and tape.  I used this tutorial to paint chevron stripes onto my massive rug.

I don't know that I was fairly warned about how crazy it would be to paint a rug of this size.  In the time it took me to paint this rug, I could have painted a very large room and probably used less paint.  So take this as your warning :o)  It is A LOT harder than painting a wall!

Forgive the large number of acorns, but I couldn't keep them off for more than 2 seconds.  At least they weren't falling on your head :)

 Once it was good and dry, we pulled it in and...

Once we got it in and I had just enough time to fall in love with it, Hubby the Great decides that he can't look at the floor without thinking Charlie Brown.
Via Wikipedia
Therefore, my rug that took so painstakingly long is now simply known as the "Charlie Brown Treatment" (and not in that "oh-I-can't-wait-for-the-Halloween-Charlie-Brown-Special-to-come-on-tv tone!)

What do you think?  Charlie Brown or beautiful Chevron? I can't decide.  

I know what they think :)


  1. I love it! I did a striped one and it turned out okay, but have not been brave enough to tape that pattern.

  2. Definitely beautiful chevron. Though when I tell people about what a chevron is, Charlie Brown is invariably part of the description. Sorry. I am contributing to your dilemma. LOL ~Pepper


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