Friday, September 23, 2011

Freezer Paper Greatness!!!

I have seen a few different people mention ways to transfer images onto fabric.  I wasn't too keen on the idea of running my fabric through my printer, I don't like the plastic-y (totally made up that word) feeling of an iron on transfer, and I didn't feel like running 30 minutes away to the local health food store to get citrasolv when I was ready to do my lamp yesterday.  Eventually I found a few sites (I'm not sure where they all are to reference them, but there are lots!) that said you can transfer images to fabric using only 3 things... Yes, I used to freezer paper to make this!

Heres what I used... freezer paper (what!?), a piece of paper, and spray adhesive.

I had all of those things so I figured it was worth a shot!  Ignore the pillow in the above picture, I was going to attempt a different project that didn't pan out...

Here's what I did...  (the project I will showing you is part of a chair revamp)

Step One:  Lay your freezer paper shiny side down on a table. Spray your piece of paper with the spray adhesive and lay it on top of the freezer paper creating one sheet.

Step Two:  Trim around the edges until they are the same size.

Step Three:  Find the image you would like to transfer onto your fabric.  I chose this birdcage from the one and only Graphic Fairy.

Step Four:  If your image contains numbers or letters, use your printing options or an editing program to mirror the image.  Photoshop elements calls it flip horizontally.  Resize your image if needed.

Step Five:  Place your Freezer paper in your printer so that the printer will print onto the freezer paper side.  Print your image.

Step Six:  Remove image from printer **BE CAREFUL NOT TO SMEAR** Dampen the surface you are transferring on to just a little bit.  (I just take a squeezed out paper towel and rub it over the fabric a few times)

Step Seven:  Place the image face down very carefully onto your fabric and use a blunt solid object to rub some pressure over the image.

Step Eight:  Peel away your transfer. Those messy dark spots around the outside are just where I got it a little too wet...

I love how this makes the image look washed and vintage.  It looks like it has been there a lot longer than it has!  

No idea why this is sideways, but I'll go with it....

I'm not going to show you where this image is ending up quite yet, but I will show you this lamp I did using the same technique! 

UPDATE:  To see where this project was used see here and here.

If you are interested in the pallet art, you can find that here!

Remember that lamp from a few days ago?  I think she's a lot cuter now :)

On a sad note, I am now out of freezer paper until I stop blogging and go to the grocery store already!!

I decided that I want to start posting a few pictures from elsewhere in my house every now and then.  I will call this the "keepin-it-real" segment of my post.  I, in no way, want anyone to think that my house is perfect all the time.  I don't have it all together and my home isn't EVER "magazine ready".  So here you go... are you ready?  I don't think you are :)

The playroom in it's usual state of mass chaos.  One day I'll get around to organizing this...
My bedroom.  Granted it's painting day, so cut me a little slack on this one :)

Feel better now? I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Now back to work :)

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  1. I love the prints. Great ideas!


  2. I have used freezer paper as stencil but cutting out an image, ironing on my fabric and painting in the stencil; removing the paper and done.. but this idea is so cool.. will be trying this soon!

  3. Great idea! Would I be right in thinking that what you call freezer paper is what we in the UK call greaseproof paper? Keep up the good work. Love what you did with the birdcage.

  4. I'm sure it's probably the same thing :) It's essentially just wax covered paper. It repels the ink long enough to transfer it onto the fabric. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I've been seeing freezer paper everywhere! You did a great job!! That lamp is adorable.

    PS I have a $50 cash giveaway going on at my blog right now! Come by when you get a chance. :)

  6. The freezer paper you're talking about is waxy-shiny on one side and white on the other like butcher paper?

  7. @Kathryn-yes that's exactly what I'm talking about. Plain old wax paper that is waxy on both sides will work too though. It's cool to find someone who spells Kathryn the same as me, by the way :o)

  8. Hi Katie, I been blown away with your blog . Love it! Feel like I have found a soul mate. x
    Don't need to ask what the freezer paper is now, I've read all the comments.
    But would like to know can you wash the printed fabric afterwards. Again I really love your site xx

  9. I need to try this! Will be pinning =) Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  10. Just lovely! I've got this linked to my freezer paper post too today, well done!


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