Friday, September 2, 2011

A DOUBLE WHAMMY and a Giveaway!

Day 1.... 5 posts down and a bazillion and one to go! An Introduction, a List, 2 tutorials, and an introspective memoir :) But what kickoff day would be complete without a room reveal and a GIVEAWAY!! (Not to mention TWO room reveals and a giveaway!)

WARNING: This is seriously the longest post ever, but hopefully it's worth it!

I have been waiting and planning for this day for awhile and I am SO excited to show off the first two "COMPLETE" rooms in our new house!! (I say that, but don't be surprised if in 3 months I do another room reveal and it looks totally different... I do that a lot :-)

May I present to you...drumroll, please... Boog's Purple Room!

AND Bear's Vintage Eclectic Pink Room!
TOTAL COST FOR BOTH.....keep that drum rollin.... $72! But I'll break that down in a later post :-)

When we moved in 3 months ago, Boog's room was in fact purple, but Bear's was a different story. (Hide your eyes or prepare to be nauseated)

I apologize for the downright hideous picture, but how am I supposed to take a good one in a room that is high gloss hot pink on two walls and high gloss dark purple on two walls? And a fan that is the size of my head and has 6 different color blades NONE of which are on the walls!?!? NOT HAPPENIN. While I'm sure this fit well with the previous owners decor, it was a little too dark for my taste :-)

After 2 coats of primer... I went with a "dusty pink" (I've learned if I put the word dusty in front of every color I love... I don't have to dust as often because it just adds to the color :-) I found the color on the oops shelf at Lowes for $5!! Woot, woot! I'm pretty much in love.

As seen here I created a vintage gallery wall from all the pictures I found in a recent shopping spree at my favorite store (more on that later!) The thing I spent the most on is that hamper down on the right, a splurge at $8... but you gotta hide dirty clothes in something pretty!

Below is a great view of the plant stand hanging on the wall of our garage when we moved in... do you see it? Flip it upside down and you have a beautiful hanging canopy. (It was a toss up between this and a pot rack)

Boog's room is the only color in the whole house that I liked when we moved in. But it has still been a work in progress.

Since we have lived here, my baby has given up her paci and her "rocky rocky" which is now in Bears room (sniff, sniff) but it made room for her new desk ($20) at goodwill.  
Oh how I love this window... you might see more of this window soon, I love it that much!

I am super excited about these rooms and I hope you enjoyed looking at them. I will go more in depth about a lot of these elements in the future, but if you have any questions... just ask!

And now for the FuN pArT (wasn't that fun, hehe) I am giving away these potholders from the incredible Erin Duke at The Life & Craft of Erin Leigh Duke.  This is one talented woman!  She makes some absolutely beautiful things so check out her Etsy shop as well! I will also include two "S" hooks so that you can hang them on your stove in your kitchen if you so desire!

All you have to do is read my last 5 blog posts and comment below on which one you liked best and why. I'm not going to kick you out if you tell me you hated them all, but that would just be mean :-) I'm also not going to beg you to follow, but it would make me happy if a few people did! Especially if you actually took the time to read 6 blog posts!

The winner will be randomly selected and announced September 9, 2011. 

My goal for the first 30 days is to post 5 times a week, so check back often! I have a lot of fun projects ahead including this....

Have a happy Friday!

Check out what else you could win!


  1. Wow! You are really talented. It's so fun to see creative people do their thing.

    I really like the vintage pics, by the way. Where did you get those?

    Keep it up!

    Julie Martin

  2. Katie!

    Awesome job!! I love the creative way you are putting together your home. Cheryl and I love thrift stores.
    I can't wait to read more!

    Love Karen G

  3. Love the new color of bear's room!!!! It all looks great!!

  4. The girls rooms look amazing! I love the little reading nook in Boog's room. I love the window pane too! I can't wait to read a post on that.

  5. I like the first (longest) post. It was really neat to see all the different rooms and how you decorated them. I really like the small shelves on the wall that hold books. They look like they are made from wooden crates or barn wood. How do you make them? I also like the window over the bed--BEAUTIFUL!!

    Jenn Price

  6. My favorite post so far is your very first! I like how you say you are "good enough" at various things -- how easy it is to think that we are seriously lacking the "with-it" gene when we see what others are doing. I say, "You Go, Girl!" I'll be watching and applauding.

  7. I loved the vintage frames! Great job!

  8. The girls rooms are so cute! Love the pops of yellow and great job on the price!

  9. the girls' rooms are awesome. I am in the middle of trying to put together my kids' shared room (boy/girl) and could totally use the inspiration. I will spend more time in the morning looking through more of your lovely work.
    What are the book racks/shelves made of?and is that a crate underneath the one in the lavender room?

  10. Thanks everybody! I did a post about the bookshelves the other day, they are called Pallet bookshelves and they are made from an old shipping pallet. You can find the tutorial in the archives :) The thing under the bookshelves in the lavender room is actually a souvenir from when I used to teach... it was a "reading pier" in my classroom and it was something another teacher left me. But it could easily be made from a shipping pallet and a few extra pieces of wood (and a lot of sanding!) Let me know if you have any more questions :)


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