Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Inspirations

With a sick Boog and a sick Hubby this week, I haven't gotten many projects done.  So I thought I would share my next big project with you.  We have decided to work on our bedroom.  I have had a pretty distinct picture in my head about what I have wanted for about 2 years now :o)  But never in my wildest dreams did I picture a wall size fireplace in my bedroom!

We are truly starting from scratch in here.  

This was taken the first time we came to look at the house... and for some reason that I cannot tell you, I am still waking up to split pea soup every morning.  Ugh! But good news!  I just did a design job to earn enough money to make over our master, so this is where I will start for inspiration.  

We have big, black, chunky furniture.  I mean big.  And while I would really like to just sell it all and get new (old) stuff to repurpose, Hubby the Great isn't too into the idea of getting rid of the furniture we just paid off.  So I will make it work.

Painting is first.  I knew what I wanted to do the first time I saw this picture
Isn't it beautiful!?! I think Board and Batten will help soften my big chunky furniture. And a lighter blue-green color on top will work perfectly.

Next, the fireplace... I want to stain it white and find a big, beautiful old mantle (on the cheap of course)...  This part may take awhile :o) 

One like this (only not behind my bed, but over the fireplace)

or this (only again, not behind my bed)
or these... (apparently it's not in style to use these anywhere but behind your bed)

or maybe if I can't find one... I'll just build one like this

I think I'm going to return to an old favorite for curtains and use some good ol' drop cloths.  I'm sure I can find some way to dandy them up :o) 

I want to add some fabric to my headboard using this technique I found on Gus and Lula. 

I'm hoping adding some lighter fabric will help make it look a little more feminine. 

My first upholstery project, some hanging lanterns, a rug (that I will NOT be painting), and some DIY art are also on my list. 

Measuring for board and batten starts today, along with paint purchasing and color matching.

Are you along for the ride?


  1. Hi, Katie
    I love your inspiration for your master bedroom. I can't wait to see the end results. I found your blog from Enjoying looking around. Stop by my blog I have a giveaway this week and its a digital scrap book software. Have a great week.


  2. These are all wonderful ideas and rooms! I like them all! I'm excited FOR you that you have a fireplace! How nice, cozy and very romantic that is! I have to say I'm with your hubby on not getting rid of the furniture you paid off...just tweak it and make it work. You can do it! So glad I met you! Thanks for coming to my master bedroom {via my blog} and leaving me some very nice feedback. I know it gets worse before it gets better. Just as long as you see the end in mind, it will happen. :) Keep up the good work!


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