Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Chair Week!

Remember this picture? 

 And this one?

Our dining room set was given to us the day we got engaged by some friends who were moving and didn't want it anymore.  The table is beautiful, in need of a little love, but her lines are amazing.  Check out those legs!

But the 6 chairs that went with them?  Yeah, they were in rough shape.  The backs were made of layers of thin wood that were splintering apart.  When you leaned back on them, they would snap and splinter into little shards of wood.  I was always a little afraid to have guests over, because I never wanted my chairs to stab them in the back.

I have seen mismatched chairs at a dining room table before, and I have always been a little fond of the eclectic look of it.  It's fun, different.  And I like fun and different :)  So I went to looking.  It took me awhile, but I finally ended up with that happy set above.

I like my stuff to look loved.  Like it has a great story and history to tell.  I like things to look like they were pulled from the bottom of a rusty junk pile and then loved a little bit.  I'm weird like that.  If they don't have a story, then I'm at least going to make them look like they have a darn good one.

So that is what this week is about.  Starting tomorrow I will be featuring a chair a day for 6 days.  They are all done differently.  Ok they aren't all done yet... that's why I have to take it slow revealing them :) But they will all tie together.  Promise.

On the seventh day, I will reveal them as a set (and hint, hint the table looks way different and I'm UBER-excited about it!!!)

Have a relaxing Sunday... I'm going to watch my Falcons win :)


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