Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My little munchkin is still fighting a fever and not much is helping.  We ended up returning to the doctor for another visit.  She was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (sounds pretty gross, huh?).  She also has a sinus infection.  She was pretty dehydrated because we couldn't get her to drink fluids and the poor child was so week from not eating it was sad.  

This morning things were real bad so we headed to the Emergency Room.  The wonderful people down at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta were awesome once again (we dealt with them a lot about 18 months ago when Boog had an unexplained seizure). 

In the waiting room she did find a little strength to color.

 By this afternoon things were looking up.  They put her on some strong pain medication for the sores in the back of her throat and she was able to drink a whole cup full of milk!  Essentially we just have to keep this up and down until the sores go away... momma's draining fast.

Her medicine made her loopy and
she decided it was necessary to keep grandma's glasses on while riding home.

Even asleep :o)

She is asleep now and all is quiet.  Praise the Lord.


This was a half finished post that I had from before the whole Mouth Disease thing started that I wanted to go ahead and share.

My bathroom is coming along nicely with just a few small details left.

No, I'm not changing out this tile.  In a commitment to stick with my free-to-me month, I'm making it work!

These lights are all over the house and I just can't find any way to make them work.  They will slowly be replaced by painted brass fixtures from the restore.

Fortunately for free-to-me month, I have this one waiting in the wings for Hubby the Great to install for me.  

And in case you are wondering... this is what I look like most of the time when I am snapping pictures. Hair up (sort of), t-shirt, sweat pants, and that beautiful little Nikon!

My shower curtain is getting a major up-do soon and I have some fun plans for some wall art... but not tonight.  Tonight I am going to sleep.

Goodnight blog land... I am taking the night off!


  1. God bless you. I have done the hospital/sick baby thing many times and I know you must be exhausted. Get some rest. That bathroom will wait! I hope your daughter feels better soon.

  2. Poor thing! I have not had the joys of bringing my baby to the ER yet. She is only 11mo. I know I will be in panic mode! She is so precious though! I love her hair! Hope she feels better soon! Btw I am looking at Drop Cloths to make my curtains for my living room! Thanks so much!

  3. Awwww. I hope she feels better soon.
    The bathroom looks great so far :)

  4. Oh my Lawd...I'd be on da flo' if my babies had to go to the Hospital! I hope she feels better soon..we had a mild version of that once...NUTHIN like what you've had to go through! My prayers are with yall!


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