Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Acorn Lineup

When nature gives you something beautiful for free, I intend on using it for every possible project that I can.

Nature has indeed given us something beautiful this season.  Acorns, Acorns, Acorns.  They are beautiful little things with amazing details.  And each one is unique.

My first acorn project, the turquoise acorns, have been followed up by yet another pinterest project.

acorn pumpkins

I fell in love with these little bitty pumpkins.  Aren't they adorable?!  I knew I had to try them with my massive abundance of acorns laying in the yard.  And while this website suggests doing it with your kids, the idea of giving my 3 year old a permanent marker didn't sit well in my stomach.

Here is my version of the pumpkins above :o)  

This was an incredibly easy project.  And one that I would definitely do with my kids if they were about 2 years older!

I started with an old picture that I got from my grandmothers attic (the same time I got my new Hope Chest!)
Man the sun is harsh in my backyard around 3 o clock.
I took out the back and covered it with a little burlap using hot glue (I would have used spray adhesive, but I couldn't find it!)

I used some black spray paint to cover the frame and 5 paint stirrers.  I am aware that there are 6 there... I promise I can count!

Next I laid out the acorns and sprayed them with a can of pumpkin orange spray paint. (perfect color choice, huh?)

TIP~  When you are laying them out and taking 30 minutes to balance them all perfectly on the top, make sure you don't do it under the tree that they all fell from.  More will fall and knock all of them over and you will have to start all over.

When they were dry I used a black sharpie and got creative on my faces :o)  I then glued them in rows onto the paint sticks.

The reason I have no pictures of the next part was because it took some trial and error and lots of hot glue to figure this out.  I ended up making "shelf supports" out of toilet paper roll slivers and colored them with the sharpie to match the paint stick.  I also hot glued the back of the sticks to the burlap.  It's pretty strong, believe it or not!  

I glued the back onto the frame and ended up with this.  Isn't it fun!?


Of course, every time I look at it...  this is what I imagine is going on.

I know this totally overlaps the sides which is tacky, but otherwise it wouldn't have made any sense :o)
I put it on my fall mantel (which I have yet to show you completed.) You can see the completed mantel here!

I am havin' some serious fun with all these acorns!

What do you have in your yard that you can decorate with?

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  1. This is so cute. I can't believe how many faces you come up with!

  2. This is adorable! I love all those different faces. I can't believe your patience in making them all!

  3. Your miniature 'jack-o-lanterns' are adorable! I love how you've displayed them. I am going to be making some for the little peeps in my life. {Ever notice children like teeny weeny things?}
    First time to your blog via Between Naps on the Porch. I'll be returning!


  4. This made me laugh out loud, you clever woman! Such a fun project, it looks great.

  5. OH my goodness, How cute and creative! And what patience you must have! Very impressed. Thanks also for stopping by my blog earlier. liz

  6. This is totally awesome. Makes me laugh and want to look at each one. my kids would love making these. I am featuring this at Grab my "featured" button.

  7. That is HILARIOUS!! I am going to feature this over on my blog tomorrow!

  8. Ahhh this is so cute & creative! I love it, it would totally make me giggle every time I looked at it if it were in my home. Nice work!

  9. That is super cute - and good problem solving with the TP roll slivers!

  10. I love this! What they were saying cracked me and my husband up!

  11. OMGoodness!!! These are sooo cute! I would love it if you would link them up to my party that started today.

  12. So cute! And love the picture of the acorns "talking". Lorie @ Reading Confetti

  13. This was such a great inspiration. I made one for a dear friend and took to the hospital at UCLA as he's battle with cancer and next Tuesday will undergo open heart surgery. I put a sign on it - "NUTS For You" . We added small sticky notes and guests signed and put them on the display. The card with them said something like we're all nuts for you and watching over you. I'm told by his wife that it has brought a smile to all who enter the room & they love it including...doctors, nurses, janitors, family, friends, CEOs. Thanks so much for the inspirational idea - it has blessed so many in need of a smile and hope!


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