Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*Liebster Blog Love*

I am both delighted and honored that two separate blogs awarded me the Liebster Blog Award today!!

It means a lot to me to receive this award from two a-maz-ing blogs.   
A big and special thank you to Shan from Family Brings Joy

Holly at The Bella Nest!!

Liebster means "love" in German, and this award was created to promote 
blogs that are new or growing with less than 200 followers. The tradition of the award is to thank the giver and pass it on to 5 recipients of your choice. 
Hopefully they will accept the award and pass it on to other deserving bloggers!!

The Official Rules for the Liebester Award are:
  1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
  2. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
  3. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  4. Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers

I have chosen to award the following blogs because, well, I "liebster" them (I'm sure there is some weird conjugation that I am missing there so I apologize :o)  I hope you take the time to check them out and send them some love!

I have been reading Gwen since almost the beginning of both of our journeys.  This woman is both an amazing writer and an amazing decorator.  You will fall in love with her.... promise.

The Bold AbodeGwen at the Bold Abode 
Welcome to The Bold Abode!  It is my hope that, here, you will find a place to push the boundaries of Life and embrace the Krazy Ideas that emerge as a result.  Let's be BOLD together!


I don't remember even how I stumbled upon this blog, but I love it!  Emily has such great ideas and I really love the meaning behind her blog name.  She also has a super cute blog!


Here are some of my thoughts on life, kids, cooking, crafts, my relationship with God, family, living frugally, and managing all the amazing and crazy things that I have going on. Join me as I try to follow one of my callings as a wife and mother: to better myself and the lives of those around me.


Amy's blog is another that I found awhile back and have looked forward to every post since that she writes!  She has such amazing style and transforms furniture like you wouldn't believe!

The Salvage Collection

i'm an interior designer turned teacher turned happy stay-at-home mom turned crazy full-time working mom turned over-joyed furniture rehabbing-at-home mom. my super-talented, creative and mcguyver-of-a-husband and i have renovated one home, built another and taken on endless cool projects in between. and now i paint furniture and i like it.


This is a blog that I just recently discovered through Graphics Fairy DIY website.  Her projects are great and I've really enjoyed looking around her blog!

Grab Our ButtonAmber at {Pineplace}  
My name is Amber Puzey and my husband and I have been building Pineplace for coming up on a decade, been building our marriage for nearly two {decades that is}. As a graphic designer his input and talent has come in handy on most occasions. In addition to Pineplace, I work from home for a marketing company out of California. Pineplace is my creative outlet and therapy.

And last, but certainly not least, is Amelia.  She has such amazing talents for design and her home is gorgeous!


I'm Amelia and this is my blog. My husband's a musician and I'm a small business lobbyist with an unhealthy design and DIY obsession. I started this blog to document our journey as we transform our first house into a home we both love. It's also a way for me to express my creative side and connect with people who share my love of beautiful spaces. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we're learning as we go, but I hope you enjoy following our journey.

I have really enjoyed getting to know these ladies through their blogs and I hope that they will continue to "show the love" of the Liebster award!


  1. Katie-Thank you so much for my Liebester Award! It means so much to me and inspires me to keep on truckin'! I am almost ready to launch my new website and getting to the end seems the most difficult! Thank you!! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks Katie - I've passed on the love :)

  3. Hi Katie, I'm a new follower (found your blog through Amelia at House Pretty) love your blog!

  4. Thank you sooo much, Katie! I am so humbled by your kind words! I am sorry to just now be replying...I've been seriously under the weather...Couldn't possibly be the flu cuz I had the dern Flu Shot! Blech... But I do SO appreciate the award!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I love comments- they really make my day :o) Please let me know you are here because I would love to come back and visit you!

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