Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 Free and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Thanksgiving Guests - Days Five and Six

Bring the Outdoors In and Set the Table!

God gave us so much beauty outdoors that it almost seems silly not to use it inside!

What was once a boring corner that housed a basket overflowing with shoes, now holds an old stock pot stuffed with newspaper and a few big branches.  It is so easy to add dimension to a room, you just have to be willing to take a risk.   

I do not have a green thumb (man, I wish I did) so I couldn't go outside and clip a few fresh flowers. But I spotted these branches on the ground at Nana's house and begged Hubby the Great to make them fit in the van.  Being the great Hubby that he is, he got them home for me!

Also a new addition is the cabinet door sign over the french doors :)

One thing that I have learned about making something look dramatic is to add height.  If it's taller than me, it probably looks dramatic no matter how much it cost!

I used 4 old vases from my local thrift store (shout out to the FISH!) and glued them together with liquid nails.  Filled them up with 2 bags of styrofoam fillers from the Dollar Store and tied a few layers of drop cloth, burlap, ribbon, and string around the base.  And, of course, added some of those tall branches that Hubby the Great rescued from the burn pile.

I kept most of my fall/halloween decor out and added a few extra touches here and there.

Anybody can go outside and bring in a few branches and stick them in a vase.  And while it doesn't sound like decorating, it is!  Take some risks and bring the outdoors in!



  1. This is great! Do you ever do consultations? ;) I live in a home that was previously my parents. It's a big house, and was decorated in a Tuscan style. But, I HATE Tuscan. My taste is cottage style. So now the house is very mismatched. I live in Snellville, want to go shopping??

  2. Katie,
    You are becoming very popular I see! That is great! You are so talented and clever. Love what you did here!

  3. I just found your blog the other day and wanted to tell you that your photos are gorgeous. They make everything you are displaying look amazing. :)


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