Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day, I mean Birthday, I mean Turkey Day.

I know. Thanksgiving was 6 days ago and I'm just getting around to this post.  Family came in, family left, stomach bug came in, and stomach bug left.  Hubby has been home all week and I have been choosing spending rare time with him rather than writing posts.  Sometimes that's just how the cookie crumbles.  Can't beat myself up about it :) So onto business.

This year, I was a turkey baby.  Every now and then it works out that way.  It stinks having to cook all day on your birthday, but what is better than getting to share your birthday with a bunch of family you only get to see once (maybe twice) a year.

I jumped the gun a little this year and ended up with some new birthday goodies a little early.  I mean, when you see them in a thrift store and you have to have them... it just can't wait until thanksgiving.  Here are a few big scores birthday presents that have come from some wonderful family and friends.

This mirror came from a yard sale.  I fell in love with the shape and detail of it.  I'm still not sure about the color.  I'm thinking charcoal gray with some black glaze over it, but then again a pop of color may be fun.

The dresser came from the thrift store for $10.  I have the bottom drawer front, but after reading this post from Nester... I think I may keep it just as it is!

This mirror came from the same thrift store as that dresser.  There is some paper backing peeling from the sides and it looks perfectly fine without the paper anyway.... does that really make it worth only $6?  Seriously This HUGE mirror for only $6.  Happy Birthday to me! 

The last goodie came from an estate sale.  It was my gift from Hubby the Great.  I popped at $25, but I had to have it for my mini guest bathroom makeover which I'll be sharing soon!

And finally, the big guns are out and christmas is getting unloaded.  We went and picked it up from storage and it took 2 truckloads.  We don't joke around.  Christmas is serious business around here.  I can't WAIT to show you everything that I am working on!

Hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving!



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