Friday, December 2, 2011

This is us....

Some family pictures were in order.  In fact, it was long overdue.  I have had a spot ready in my living room for months now.  So finally here they are.  Our 2011 family pictures... aren't we cute :)  My best friend and I have an agreement, we shoot each other's pictures and then edit them for ourselves.  Makes it a lot easier!  Love you Erin :)

Melt my heart....

This little booger was in such a bad mood, but Erin is pretty much the best!

My 3 favorite people in the whole, wide world!!

This has got to be the sweetest little face ever.

And just for my profile picture on the blog :)  If I ever get around to changing it that is!!

I can't wait to put these up all over my house!  I am SOOO pleased with how they turned out.  


  1. ahhh they are beautiful!! What a precious family!

  2. AND. for the first time ever my comment worked! I've tried to comments on your blog posts so many times and it NEVER works. yay!

  3. These turned out so nice! Isn't it great to have some nice pictures of the whole family?! I know I usually end up behind the camera taking them or if we do get one of the four of us someone is usually looking the other way or picking their nose or something. :) Have a fun time displaying them! I am working on a gallery wall of our's as well.


  4. Katie, I love your photos! And I especially like your new blog avatar!

  5. I may be a few days behind in reading this but the pics turned out great! Even better since I didn't have to edit them! I love the black and white on the bridge and your profile shot too. Your family is pretty awesome. :-)

    Love, Erin


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