Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Living Room

Every year I pull out loads of Christmas stuff and say that I'm not going to use it all.  (hahaha) That I want to make it simple this year. (even more hahaha)

For the umpteenth year in a row... didn't roll with the simple christmas.

What you will find below is simply a series of evidence.

I'll begin with the mantel...

I created the Christmas tree using this tutorial

I just used a tin from goodwill that had a flat top instead.  It wasn't tall enough, so I stuck it on a candlestick and put an LED candle on top.

A little spray snow and a fur wreath (a project from last year) added a wintery feel to an old window sash.

Still not sure where the nature santa dude came from, but I like the bird in his hair :)

These little glittery trees came bundled in the box of ornaments that I used to create my Ornament Swag.  I consider the Swag to be $5 and these to be free :)

This family sign is made from a cabinet door and starts every single mantel set up.  Wanna know why? It's hiding all of our cords that go from the tv to the built in's.  We will probably never get around to drilling a hole for them!

The lantern-looking thing to the right is actually a candlestick glued to a vase.  I found them both and goodwill and couldn't resist making them a pair! 

I love free printables! This one can be found here.

And at the center of it all...

The christmas trees on either side stood in the baptismal for our Christmas wedding 5 years ago.

I love it, but the living room isn't magical until it gets dark.

The nutcracker collection seems to come alive when it is lit by all the lights around the room.

One day I would like to try my hand at a designer tree, but for now, family ornaments with some peacock feathers from the peacock who used to live in our backyard will do :)

I still have 2 things on my to do list.  Burlap stockings and a burlap tree skirt.  Hopefully I will get to them this year, but we'll see.  My time is already wearing thin :)

I can't wait until the bottom is filled with presents and our two little goldilocks are gathered around this tree tearing apart paper and screaming with excitement.  That's when the magic really comes in!

I hope you all have a blessed evening :)


  1. Peacock in yur backyard? That's crazy!!!

    Everything looks beautiful!

  2. my daughter would LOVE your nutcracker's what she hopes hers will look like one day :) i found your blog through pinterest and it's now on my "must read" list!!

  3. Sooo amazing collection of nutcrackers, I am impessed. Beautiful blog, you must be very creative person....

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